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The best Aids for Labelling – Sign Making and Car Wrapping for Professionals
Labeling and Car Wrapping problems are a thing of the past with Sign Making Tools from Yellotools. If, for example, you get annoyed with the rivets during the foiling of vehicles or Sign Making Signs, you’ll love our YelloDouble Pen and the YelloBrush.

Car Wrapping Tools for Labeling
Each one of you has lost patience while cutting PDC patches during Car Wrapping. With the SensorCut Orbit this work is finally a breeze.

And relaxed Sign Makers deliver better results πŸ™‚

Special Tools for Sign Making – Perfect foiling with Yellotools
The YelloSlip Cut allows you to easily cut vinyl on windows. Speaking of Sign Making and windows – our self-adhesive “glass magnets”, such as the GlasPad X-treme and the GeckoPatch, will make your work in advertising extremely easy.

Use the hidden superpowers of the Yellotools πŸ™‚

Car Wrapping made easy – Cutting the films with Stencils from Yellotools
When you need to cut radii, the EasyScore will become one of your favorite tools. For smaller radii in your foiling we recommend the EvoCut R or EvoCut C. If you want to be well prepared for anything during Car Wrapping, you should take a look at the EvoCut Set.

Advertising Technology and outgassing of digital prints – An easy one with Yellotools
For the outgassing of digital prints in Sign Making, we have two solutions for you. With the BoostBox Eco and the BoostBox Bucket you shorten the evaporation time to an absolute minimum. In this way, digital prints can be delivered faster to the customer.

Because in advertising technology – time is money! πŸ™‚

Magnets for Car Wrapping and Sign Making – This is how aligning becomes a pleasure
Aligning graphics and films can sometimes be difficult during Car Wrapping without magnets. Again and again a third hand is missing. With the magnetic solutions from Yellotools you have enough “hands”.

Whether SpeedMag HD or FlatMag HD, the strong magnets keep each graphic in the correct position when aligning. And if you need a magnetic, flexible cutting ruler, the BlackMamba will stand by your side. Just one Sign Maker Tool for aligning and cutting. You only need to have the right cutting tool.

Car Wrapping can not be easier! πŸ™‚

The Advertising Trend – The right Pressure Roller for wall and floor graphics
Yellotools offers practical Sign Maker Tools for wall and floor graphics. In order being able to use your hot air gun WrapGun II at the same time, we developed the StreetRoller Hot and the WallRoller Hot. Due to the integrated magnetic holder for your WrapGun, you have the perfect pressure roller for your wall and floor graphics.

Of course you will also find the right squeegees in our Sign Maker Online Shop.

For large-format floor graphics, the TimberMaxx Floor is at your disposal.

Yellotools – Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping