Isoframe Ripple


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Isoframe Ripple

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How does the Isoframe Ripple work?

The Ripple is our most affordable Isoframe system, and it works by firstly purchasing the Bannerstand, if you decide to extend your system, you simply need to purchase as many Bannerstands as you require and then join them with Flex-Wave Links. This also means that you can only do combinations of 1 panel, 3 panels, 5 panels, 7 panels, and so on.

In case you prefer having an even number of Bannerstands, they will need to be set up separately, as shown in the graphic below.

If simplicity, quick assembly and flexibility are what you want from a portable trade show display, then ISOframe Ripple is for you. You can flex Ripple into almost any shape you want—and reduce or enlarge the size of your display to suit your needs. No matter how you shape Ripple, you’ll enjoy a clean, contemporary display that provides a strong visual impact at your trade shows, retail locations and more.