Isoframe Wave


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Isoframe Wave

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How does the Isoframe Wave work?

The Isoframe Wave is very flexible and very simple and it is the most adaptable and popular, but it is also more expensive. You can make as many panels as you need because each panel is flexible (concave or convex). You’ll only need one starter kit for this, and then you can add extension kits as needed.

How to set up the Isoframe Wave

Step 1

Each display needs a starter panel.

Step 2

Then you can add as many extension panels as you need.

Step 3

Work out how many rolls of magnetic tape you need for the back of the panels. Each panel needs 4.54 metres of magnetic tape. The tape comes in 30-metre rolls.

All panels are 800W x 2270H (mm).

You can add accessories such as LCD screen brackets, counters, shelves, etc. View the complete
Isoframe Wave range page.

Key Features

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Fast Clamp