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Squeegees for professionals of the Sign Making technology

Yellotools designs and manufactures high quality squeegees for every Sign Maker need. We know the squeegees are “the Signmaker’s best friend” and that “the” perfect squeegee is not the same for everyone. It’s your individual, personal way of working and technique that shows you what “your” ideal squeegee models are!

Sign Maker Squeegees in different designs
Plastic squeegees, felt squeegees, wooden squeegees, squeegee accessories, squeegee sets and matching squeegee covers are available in many materials and colors. The world’s first antibacterial squeegee can also be found in our shop.

And here is our insider tip for perfect foiling in Sign Making technology and Car Wrapping: the Yellotools 30WrapGuide.

With this “cheat sheet” you bring up every foil wrinkle free! πŸ™‚

Huge Squeegee Assortment – The Sign Makers Choice
Yellotools offers a wide range of squeegees: You can choose from a variety of styles, materials and hardness levels that you can recognize by the unit “Shore”. And those looking for a Squeegee to remove vinyl graphics will certainly love the YelloBlade Orange.

Because Dust is one of the Signmakers biggest enemies, we even designed anti-static squeegees for you.

High quality Squeegees – Made in Germany
Whether in the Signmaking Technology or especially in Car Wrapping, high-quality squeegees are indispensable for Sign Makers. We are aware of that. Our squeegees are made in Germany and are made of food-certified plastic granules directly at the Yellotools headquarter.

With our TonnyMag squeegees you even get a 2-in-1 Sign Maker Tool, because with this magnetic squeegee you can even position your graphics – how cool is that ?! πŸ™‚

Squeegee for wet bonding or even large-format floor graphics
In our Sign Maker Online Shop you can find squeegees for every application. As wet bonding is becoming increasingly popular, we have developed the YelloWetPro series for you. This minimizes the risk of scratching and greatly improves the sliding properties of your squeegee.

The TimberMaxx Floor is your new XXL Squeegee for floor tattoos and large-format floor graphics. Due to the sturdy extension, bending and kneeling finally has an end and the application of the films in this area is a real breeze.

If you can not make a decision, you should take a look to our squeegee sets.

Here you will surely find what you need for the perfect WrapJob! πŸ™‚

And so that everyone can see what you are living for, there is a fun squeegee as a dog tag.

Yellotools – Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping