Safety Rulers


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Safety Rulers

For those who like it as long as possible, we even offer our cutting ruler SafetyRuler Classic with a fabulous length of up to 5 meters.

Precise cuts with the Yellotools Cutting Coaster
Every Sign Maker has his own preferences for the cutting process. Therefore we offer you three different variants of our Cutting Coaster. The all-rounder is clearly the Yellotools SafetyRuler BigJob.

With this you can easily cover most everyday applications.

For cuts up to 2.5 meters in length, the SafetyRuler Platinum Combo is suitable. The CutCoaster is included and on top you save 5%.

When it comes to finer cutting, the SafetyRuler Fineliner is the right choice. Its flat profile makes it ideal for marking, drawing and fine cutting.

Safety Cutting Ruler with anti-slip coating
The annoying slippage of your Cutting Ruler is now a thing of the past. The Yellotools SafetyRuler Classic, Platin, Platin Combo and X-Black all offer you an anti-slip coating.

This keeps the Cutting Ruler exactly where it should be.

Cutting and drawing Set Square Triangle for Sign Makers
What would the Sign Maker be without his cutting and drawing Set Square Triangle? We heard the cry for help from our customers and designed the 2-K-Cut out of sturdy stainless steel. If you want something lighter and spend less money, you can also opt for the 2-K-Cut Eco, which consists of high-quality acrylic glass.

A little tip from our side: If you want the 2-K-Cut or the cutting coaster to not slip, you can use our unbeatable X-treme Mat.

And if you are looking for a flexible cutting ruler, we have exactly the right Sign Maker Tool for you. The absolute highlight is our magnetic snake BlackMamba. With this you can flexibly define the contour to be cut. Due to the strong magnets it stays exactly where it should be!

Another ingenious tool for the Sign Making Technology! 🙂

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