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Professional Car Wrapping Tools and accessories from Yellotools
Thanks to our innovative products, Yellotools is known in the Car Wrapping scene like a colorful dog. CarWrappers all around the world come to us and tell us what they really need to do a perfect wrap job. Your wish is our command. That is why we are constantly developing new products for Vehicle Foiling and Sign Making that will make your job as easy as possible!

Tempering during the Vehicle Foiling succeed with Yellotools in a jiffy
Whether you like to use the hot air gun, or rather grab the gas torch, is up to you. For both variants, we offer you the perfect solution with the WrapGun II and the WrapJet HeatGun Set.

However, you should always have the working temperature in mind. For the WrapGun II you can use our YelloShuttle or the TemperScan. Of course, you can also use the YelloShuttle Set or the WrapGun II Set directly to be well prepared for tempering process during Vehicle Foiling.

For lovers of the gas torch, we recommend the YelloTemper.

High quality furniture for CarWrappers who know what matters
In the Sign Making Technology it goes up high, sometimes too high. But with our WrapWalk this is not a problem. You can easily expand this pedestal until you reach the correct height or width.

On the other hand, you often have to go deep. If, for example, sills or wheel arches should be foiled, our LowRider is a great solution! This rollable workshop stool makes your work extremely easy. Of course, you can also vary the working height through the LowRider Extensions.

If you’re tired of the tedious alignment of your graphics or digital prints, you’ll love our WrapLaser Set. This makes the alignment in Car Wrapping and in Sign Making Technology a real breeze.

With our WrapTower, you can put together your own tool trolley in the blink of an eye. So you have all Car Wrapping Tools always at hand. And for all undecided, we have put together the WrapTower PowerPack.

With this you have everything that you really need as a Sign Maker!

Car Wrapping Tools from Yellotools – For perfect results
Your customers should always be satisfied. That’s why we offer you unique Car Wrapping Tools. Our PreStretch Meter allows you to calculate the necessary overstretching of the films in advance. To cut out parking sensors quickly and accurately, we designed the SensorCutFlexi. Even the desired overlap at the edges of vehicle windows can easily be cut with our WrapStraight Cut.

Speaking of cutting: If you are looking for a flexible cutting ruler for Car Wrapping, you should take a look at our magnetic snake BlackMamba!

We offer a perfect solution for every problem of Vehicle Wrapping
Real CarWrappers know the problems that always occur during the Vehicle Wrapping.

But not anymore!

With our WrapSticks you can achieve the perfect foiling in all places. If you want to increase the sliding properties and at the same time protect the film, you can simply take our WrapStick WingPolys.

Yellotools – Innovation for Car Wrapping and Sign Making Technology