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Car Wrap Tools

Wrap tools for cars, trucks…any vehicle which needs to be recoloured in a custom or standard colour.

The Secret To Using The Best Wrap Tools – With reducing install time and maximising return as our mission, we have now compiled a guide for the print and sign industry.

Watch The Car Wrap Tool You Must Have!

Car wrap tools – Some quick wins to put into practise today :

  • Learn from the pros – For virtually every car wrap tool available using the cheapest means material thickness or some other aspect is not what it should be. Using the cheapest means your end vehicle wrap result is compromised with a poor result. The pros who well known are often keen to show you what they know. Look up Justin Pate online as he is probably one of the world’s best know car wrappers. Use the tools he uses and you can’t go wrong.
  • Reliability is vital – No matter whether it is install or transport for a key wrap install, most projects need dependability of some type!. For example, you don’t want to get to a key wrap install and the wrap tool has malfunctioned or your squeegee is broken.
  • Versatility – For example, use a squeegee which you can easily interchange. This saves time as well as dollars for your client meaning you are seen as a key partner in their promotional events. If you use a versatile squeegee, your buying power increases by using the 1 type.
  • Consider the time reduction – As well as saving time and therefore costs, a quality car wrap tool means the need for extra checks is reduced. Quality wrap tools mean that the tools are less likely to fail during the transport process. A small tip with premium or quality car wrap tools – be careful of different suppliers descriptions; a ‘premium’ wrap tool can be totally different to a ‘premium’ wrap tool from another supplier. The key point here is to compare the features which quantifies the ‘premium’ – eg. how many years guarantee does it have?

Removing graphics from vehicles which have already been installed can be time consuming and a restraint on meeting deadlines. Saying that, here are some tips on removing car graphics:

  • Set out easy steps for your staff to follow – Depending on the car wrap tool you are using, provide a list of the tools you will need from a knife for trimming to tape for adding an extra layer of security when applying your print.

For a complete range of how to videos in wrapping view wrapping info.