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Signmaking Made Easy

Eurotech has been providing signage supplies and displays since it commenced in January 2008. Since this time we have seen consistent growth through a strong commitment to customer service and high product quality. Our slogan ‘Support, Ease and Please’ is what makes us stand out in the visual communications supply industry. Our comprehensive range includes a unique range of visual communication supplies. This includes ready to go solutions which you can provide to your clients, through to workshop efficiency assets to improve production methods and deliver direct cost savings. Range includes: flute sheet, snap frames, instant grab adhesive for signage installation, pull up banner stands and more.

Eurotech has evolved from a family well versed in manufacturing. Selwyn Smith, Eurotech’s main shareholder and managing director, commenced in the display and signage sector back in the 1990’s.

Selwyn was heavily involved in the 1990’s with manufacturing wire and tubular steel products for major supermarkets such as Coles, product manufacturers such as Nylex, distributors such as Manassen Foods and even laboratories.  At this point in time he managed the business, Able Wire Products, along with his brother Ashley.

In the later years of the 1990’s, a separate entity was commenced for the display sector and a separate entity for the laboratory sector. Able Displays was the new display entity.

As time progressed, Selwyn saw the benefit of bringing in systems that had already been designed to meet current requirements in the market. He believed that as a company we could offer maximum value through a list of solutions sourced from the best designers around the globe.

One of the 1st systems was a solution designed and built in South Australia. This brochure display system had a unique feature which gave full height support to brochures to prevent them from flipping over. This dramatically reduced brochure wastage in the tourism industry.

Following on from the brochure display system, a unique range of display hardware was located across the globe in Sweden. This included a pull up banner system which allowed to easily interchange the graphic panel. This allowed Selwyn to approach the tourism and secondary education institutes with a unique solution. The full colour graphic panels were brokered through external printing companies.

As the business progressed, there was a need to bring the printing of graphic requirements in house to meet the deadlines of the range of companies and institutes.

When the business was looking for new sectors to move into, Selwyn saw a need for a new strategy to remained focused on what we did best. This would then allow us to sustain an strong organisation well into the future. As Selwyn, along with his team, developed the strategy a question was raised? Who do we serve best (our target market)? After much deliberation and consideration of our history and expertise, the sign industry was now our main focus.

This meant that the whole printing side of the business was phased out, so there was no potential competition with our clients. This also allowed us to focus on what we did best; hardware and signage accessories.

Selwyn is now backed up by sons Michael and James being involved in the day to day running and direction of the business.

James directs the finance and operations. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Michael directs marketing, sales and looks after the website presence. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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We aim to provide all our clients with the best marketing materials for our solutions including technical information for assembly and print production.


We like to make it as easy as possible to use, access, buy & sell our products.


The uncompromising result from any transaction with us is that you are pleased with the product and our service – no compromise!