Our History

Eurotech’s journey began with Selwyn Smith, who entered the display and signs industry in the 1990s, carrying on his family’s manufacturing legacy. Alongside his brother Ashley, they ran Able Wire Products, crafting wire and tubular steel products for major supermarkets, product makers, wholesalers, and even laboratories. As time passed, they realized the value of adapting to market demands.

Believing in the power of collaboration, Eurotech sought to assemble solutions from the world’s top designers. Their first breakthrough was a South Australian-designed brochure display system that prevented brochures from flipping over, reducing waste in the tourism industry.

Encouraged by this success, Eurotech looked to Sweden for its diverse range f display hardware. They introduced a pull-up banner system that allowed for quick panel swaps, captivating the tourist and education sectors. Initially, external printing businesses provided the graphic panels, but Eurotech soon brought the printing in-house to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, this expansion proved to be a strain, prompting a reassessment of their strategy.

Making It Easy

As Eurotech pondered their future, they sought clarity on their target market. After careful consideration, they refocused their efforts on the sign industry, leveraging their history and expertise. This decision led to phasing out the printing division, freeing them from competition and enabling a return to their strengths: hardware and signage accessories.

Today, Eurotech is led by Selwyn and his sons, James and Michael, with James overseeing operations and Michael managing sales and marketing. Their success is attributed to a strong team culture, guided by Eurotech’s values and a mission to making it easy for all their customers to conduct business.


We aim to provide all our clients with the best marketing materials for our solutions including technical information for assembly and print production.


Eurotech makes sure that all our tools and products
are as easy as possible to use,
access, purchase.


The uncompromising result from any transaction with us is that you are pleased with the product and our service - no compromise.

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