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Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are one of Australia’s most popular forms of portable signage.

Watch Australia’s No.1 Pull Up Banner Stand In Action

Eurotech Australia has an in depth range of solutions from economical to premium style. Pull up banners are designed to create maximum graphic impact. An instant sign trade account is available for your sign shop now.

Pull up banner stands is Eurotech’s specialty.

From when we commenced servicing the print and sign trade, our mission was to be the leader in pull up banner stands. One of our 1st focus was banner stands for trade shows.

Testament to this is the Mark Bric BannerUp system. It features a 10 Year Warranty on the hardware along with a Unique Graphic Change system. The best pull up banners for trade shows.

We also service economical and mid range pull up banner stand requirements with the Basic or Budget Roll Ups along with the Jewel and Luxus roll up banner stands.

As a print shop you would know that trade show banners can be one of the most simple, last minute solutions you can complete for your clients!

The Secret To Maximising Promotional Return  – Pull Up Banners

With reducing print production time and maximising return as our mission, we have now compiled a guide for the print and sign industry.

Some quick wins to put into practise today :

  • Don’t use the cheapest by default – For virtually every pull up banner available using the cheapest means material thickness or some other aspect is not what it should be. Using the cheapest means your end promotional result is compromised with a leaning banner. Use pull up signs that perform how you want them to, when you want them to.
  • Reliability is vital – No matter whether it is during set up or transport for a key promotional event, most projects need dependability movement of some type!. For example, you don’t want to get to a key event and the banner has let go or the banner is sitting at angle similar to the leaning tower of Pisa!
  • Versatility – Use a pull up banner stand which you can easily interchange. This saves time as well as dollars for your client meaning you are seen as a key partner in their promotional events.
  • Consider the time reduction – As well as saving time and therefore costs, a quality pull up banner means the need for extra checks is reduced. Quality pull up banners mean that the material is less likely to fail during the transport process. A small tip with premium or quality pull up banners – be careful of different suppliers descriptions; a ‘premium’ pull up banner can be totally different to a pull up banner from another supplier. The key point here is to compare the features which quantifies the ‘premium’ – eg. how many year guarantee does it have?

How do I make a pull up banner?

  1. The 1st aspect to consider is the print equipment that you have. You want to utilise it as you will get the best ROI. Specify the ink type to your signage supplies company so they then can recommend a suitable printable media.
  2. Next research the mechanisms that are available for collapsible banner displays. There are many options in the market place. It is best to go by the features of a banner stand rather than what a supplier describes them as eg. ‘premium’. Premium to them might be totally different to what you call premium.
  3. The next part is pitching the banner stands to your client. The most common size is approx 850W x 2100H (mm) so always include that as an option.
  4. Artwork production. As you would know artwork production can be frustrating when your client doesn’t know about the importance of having high resolution artwork. Even know you may not provide graphic design for trade show pull up banners you may want to suggest reputable designers to them so you know that what you get can be used efficiently for graphic production.

Removing graphics from pull up banner stands which have already been set up for use can be time consuming and a restraint on meeting deadlines. Saying that, here are some tips on removing cured adhesives:

  • Set out easy steps for your staff to follow – Depending on the pull up banner cassette you are using, provide a list of the tools you will need from a knife for trimming to tape for adding an extra layer of security when applying your print.

Packaging of pull up banners is another bottle neck in projects. Using the right packaging features can be the answer to stress free project completion. Use the wrong tool and you can have mayhem.

  • Choose your carry bag carefully – Yes, not all are the same. There are even key differences such as where the bag opens from which makes it hard for inserting the completed banner stand back into.

When it comes to pull up banners there are a wide variety of terms to describe properties and performance. To make things easier for you we have prepared a Pull Up Banner Glossary:

  • Pullup Mechanism – This refers to the internal operational parts. Quite often parts are plastic and over time can wear down to present a dysfunctional unit – something to avoid!
  • Insert panel – The insert panel is the printed graphic that gets inserted into the pullup mechanism. This is normally purchased as a separate item as a roll of printable media depending on the type of wide format printer you have.
  • Top rail – This is the horizontal bar which gets attached to the top of the insert panel which is the method of attaching to its vertical pole.
  • Leading edge – The leading edge is a feature on most pull up banner systems. It acts as a point of attachment for the base of the insert panel. On the top of the leading edge is a layer of double sided tape which needs to get peeled back so the insert panel can be stuck down. After that is completed, another layer of tape such as clear packaging tape can be added where the banner joins together so it doesn’t catch on the inside of the banner mechanism.