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Clean digital prints and improved breath when outgassing vinyl films
This “clean room” for sign makers can be set up anywhere you need it. Your digital prints are reliably protected against external contamination. This is ensured by the BoostBox Filter in this film dryer, which cleans the intake air. You can either direct the exhaust air back into the room or lead it outside.

So you not only save a lot of time in the advertising technology, but also improve the air quality in your environment!

How cool is that 🙂

The small forced air Film Dryer for outgassing in advertising technology
The forced air Film Dryer BoostBox Bucket is so small that it fits into every sign making workshop. In its function, this device is in no way inferior to its big brother for outgassing. You can place a maximum of four roles into it. For Sign Makers, who only have to outgas a foil from time to time, this small Film Dryer is the perfect solution.

And if you are still looking for a practical media holder for your Film Dryer, you should take a look at our MediaFixx BoostBox. 🙂

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