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The right Stencil for every contour – templates for Sign Makers

Even for truck tarpaulins, stencil printing is now being used. Why should not you, as a sign-making technician, save time and money with the right template? Whether stencils for radii, straight lines or holes, with us you get the perfect template for every contour.

For example, the EdgeWrap Cutter is ideally suited to foil the edges and corners of furniture. For all angles and straight lines the IvoCut and the IvoCut Cam serve as ideal stencils in the advertising technology.

Yellotools advertising technology stencils make cutting contours enjoyable! 🙂

With the right radius stencil the film cut will succeed in no time at all
The multitool under the cutting templates is our radius stencil EvoCut Bur. This makes the design and cutting of all occurring radii a breeze. For even and uneven radii, we recommend the EvoCut C or EvoCut R.

Even the annoying “double measuring” of holes has finally come to an end with the Hole n’ Cut template. Of course, we have also put together a complete stencil set for you. The EvoCut SET contains all the stencils that you need as a sign maker.

And if you are looking for a template for your squeegee to sketch the perfect 30 ° line, you should take a look at the 30WrapGuide!

It will make the application of the film so much easier. 🙂

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