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Magnetic Solutions

Strong Magnets with Coated Contact Surface – Car Paint Protection during Car Wrapping
Of course, it’s very important for us that our magnets are Made in Germany in order to ensure the highest quality. But that’s not the only thing that counts in our magnetic solutions, because the car paint could be damaged by strong magnets like the BigMag HD.

Especially during the Car Wrapping of white vehicles, caution is required. That’s why at Yellotools every magnet has a special rubber coating of the contact surface.

This reliably prevents car paint damage! 🙂

The right Magnet for every task of Sign Making
Our magnetic solutions are as different as they are ingenious. If you need a “third hand” quickly, the low profile magnets SpeedMag HD, FlatMag HD or Gene-ius Mag HD will be the right little helper for you.

If you want to “park” your Sign Making equipment within easy reach, or need a practical spacer for the films in Car Wrapping, the LongMag HD is just the right Sign Maker Tool for you. Thanks to the long aluminum handle, exactly this problem is solved perfectly.

The absolute highlight, however, is our magnetic snake BlackMamba! With this magnetic cutting ruler, you can not only position your graphics and films perfectly, but also directly set a clean cutting contour. The flexible plastic can be brought into any shape, so you no longer have to cut free hand.

An ingenious Car Wrapping Tool that offers unequaled opportunities! 🙂

Special Magnets for Sign Makers – Car Wrapping can be so easy
And if you’re looking for magnets that even hold on to glass, you should definitely check out our GlasPad X-treme. Even your “common” magnets can easily be used on glass with the GeckoPatch.

In order to have your Sign Making Tools, such as WrapSticks, Cutter or Deburrer always ready to hand, we have developed for you the YelloStrap Pro. Even in this gimmick, our superior magnetic solutions are used.

You can even find a magnetic holder for your hot air gun in our Sign Making Online Shop.

Yellotools – Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping