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All About Signage Fixings

There is a lot of vagueness around signage fixings and their accessories. But don’t worry! We’re here for you to make these terms a little less confusing today. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the signage fixings and their accessories.

What are Signage Fixings?

Right signage fixing is essential to make the brand and message clearly visible to the customer. While screws and bolts are vital components in sign installation, there is plenty of build material, the size of the bolts/screws, and shape choices. To make perfect signage, you need to pick the right set of fixings for more effective results. Options are available in security screws or chemical bolts. These are high-strength metal fixings. Before you choose signage fixing, assess the destination wall, what it is made from, stone, brick, or concrete. It helps to choose the right fixing.

How are Signage Helpful and What are the Basic Accessories Used for Making a Perfect Signage?

We see signages every day, everywhere. Whether you are driving down the street or searching for something in a mall, signage is one thing that helps us identify what place we are looking at. Go to the grocery store, and you’ll see that shop signage have plentiful information. There are different kinds of signages for different purposes. Signage is a kind of graphic display solely intended to convey information to the target audience. However, it also works as a marketing and advertising tool for businesses.

Essential signage accessories are required to make perfect signage other than the banner, like eyelets, double-sided tape, hook and loop fasteners, and standoffs.


Let’s Have a More Detailed Look at Signage Fixings and Their Uses.

1.      Eyelets for Signage Fixings

Eyelets for banners are small, circular pieces mainly designed to be attached to the corners of the banner or tarpaulin. They create neat holes which let the tarp quickly get hung or mounted. Its small size means it is not easily noticeable against the background of the banner. Eyelets are usually made up of 2 parts: the main eyelet and the washer. An eyelet tool kit like Eyelet Punch is required to insert the eyelets with ease.


2.      Double Sided Tape for Signage Fixing and Finishing’s

Double-sided tape’s main application is to complete the general signage assembly smoothly. Double-sided film tapes can easily be used on rough surfaces. When it comes to the fabrication of banners and posters, double-sided tapes are used for a wide variety of applications, such as core starting and laminating. Eurotech double-sided tapes add a powerful and permanent bond on many surfaces, making them ideal for manufacturing all types of signs.

double sided tape ultra high bond

3.      Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop offer the ability to attach one item to another. It is a great time saver for both sign makers and display makers. Not just time, it also saves a lot of money for sign makers and other industries. Sign makers have been using hook and loop fasteners for many years. It helps to attach a sign to a wall without having to drill holes. No screws or nails are used, which means you can reuse the signage multiple times. These fasteners are used by the sign-making industry and play a vital role in the clothing industry, carpentry, and other industries. At Eurotech, we have a range of hook and loop fasteners specifically designed for sign makers.

hook and loop coins

4.      Standoffs for Signs

Standoffs give your signages a 3D look. It gives the signage a professional and appealing appearance by securely holding the signage in one place. What it means is you can change the signage by using the existing mounts. The standoff complements other materials which you use for your signs. Additionally, it gives stability to the main sign panel. At Eurotech, we offer the best quality aluminium standoffs, which means no rust.

standoffs Sign Fixings

Other accessories are important too, but these are the most commonly used accessories for signage fixings.

The right type of signage fixings makes the sign accurately visible to the audience. If you are a sign maker looking for high-quality tools and accessories, Eurotech brings you a wide range of top-class products. We’ve been empowering sign makers since January 2008. So we can safely say we know what our clients look for. Client experience, quality, and trust are the foundation pillars of our business. Choose the best sign & signage fixings from Eurotech.

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