Level 1 – Eyelet Punch – Portable Hand Press

Level 1 – Eyelet Punch – Portable Hand Press

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
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Ultra Clear Eyelet Punch is a portable self-piercing hand press for fixing eyelets and grommets on PVC banners & substrates – the eyelet punch you need!

  • High quality. Manufactured in Europe (Spain).
  • Solid steel construction to avoid cracking & breaking, common with cast metal presses.
  • Weighing only 5kg is perfect to work on ground level with large banners.
  • Possible to work with three eyelet sizes 8mm, 12mm, 16mm (extra tooling required)
  • Not recommended for textiles, as it may cause wrinkles.
  • 24 Month warranty
  • Inc 250 Eyelets & Washes


Use clear eyelets by PLASTgrommet.


Want a secret weapon when selling commodity print items? When your product is exactly the same as your competitors, more than likely sell prices will follow a downward making a negative effect on your profits. Instead, use an eyelet punch with clear eyelets!

At Eurotech, we like to give you ‘a nose in front’ and an opportunity to win your business on benefits rather than just price.

We offer an eyelet punch for clear grommets and eyelets that are ideal for many applications. Our products are made from quality materials and are not damaged by rust or other corrosive elements, making them perfect for outdoor use.

The clear material makes them almost invisible, enabling them to blend well with the rest of your tarpaulin design. In addition, they can be recycled and can last for years. Our clear solutions are the answer to your tarpaulin and banner display needs and are perfect for a variety of applications including:

  • Corrugated polymers (Coroplast)
  • PVC banners
  • X-banners
  • Foam boards
  • Textiles

The eyelets we stock come in different sizes and are sold in sets of 1,000 pieces.

You will also need an eyelet punch to insert the eyelets.


  • An easy to use eyelet punch
  • Clear eyelets have no rust
  • Virtually invisible
  • Strong and durable for Australian outdoors

All of the above features give you 1 clear sales tool when competing on commodity print items. Rather than compete on price only, you now have a clear benefit to tell your clients about.

To view our range of eyelets proceed to eyelets.

See Corner Rounder accessory

Eurotech offers Australia wide delivery right to your door straight from our warehouse in WA.

An eyelet hand press is so simple to operate that anyone, with the right materials, can use it. They are also known as manual grommet machines, and they are the most compact on the market.

Compared to automatic machines, some eyelet hand presses are very easy to transport and to take anywhere where a piece of work needs to be finished.

They feature a sturdy, firm structure and, depending on the manufacturer, they can work with PVC banners, textiles or rigid materials such as coroplast, among others. Some models are recommended only for PVC banners, mesh, materials of plastic origin or rigid materials, since if they are used in textile-like materials they can generate wrinkles.

Characteristics of the Eyelet Hand Press

Because of its dimensions and weight, it is very easy to move and transport, so it is recommended both for use in a workshop and for those operators who need to travel to different places to set eyelets. For example, if you work against the clock and when you place the banner in the area where it will be exhibited you realise that new fixing points are needed, with this eyelet machine you can do the job without any difficulties. It will not be necessary to disassemble the previous work done to take the piece to the workshop and make the respective changes.

eyelet hand press

The hand press model is 44cm high and weighs approximately 5kg. In addition, it is not necessary to pre-cut the material as the machine itself punches the material and sets the eyelet and the washer. Maximum comfort and effectiveness in small details result in great time savings.

Types of eyelets used with hand presses

Manual eyelet machines can be designed to work with plastic eyelets or metal eyelets. Both eyelets have no difference of use in terms of resistance, however, we recommend clear plastic eyelets because of the durability of the material. Plastic eyelets, in addition to being transparent, do not suffer from corrosion problems that can stain the banner and wear the material as it happens with many types of metal eyelets.

In addition, plastic eyelets are recyclable, making them the best choice when working with PP or PE tarpaulins as there is no need to remove them for separate recycling processes. This type of banner is widely used in advertising and, with clear plastic eyelets, the aesthetic appearance is improved since they do not interfere with the image being shown on the media.

clear eyelets

Next, we’ll look at the simple steps that need to be followed in order to use a hand press with plastic eyelets.

Steps for using a self-piercing hand press to set eyelets

Step 1: Put the eyelet machine in a stable place to have the best position at the time of setting.

Step 2: Place the material and make a small guide mark where you want to set the eyelet (In the case of banners, a perimeter reinforcement is recommended to strengthen the material itself).

Step 3: Place the washer and eyelet on the machine dies. In this step, it is important to check that they are well inserted in the working point of the eyelet machine to avoid damaging the material at the time of pressure.

Step 4: With the help of your hand, move the material until the mark that we have made is in the centre of the setting area.

Step 5: With the other hand, push down the lever to exert the necessary pressure until you can verify that the two pieces of the eyelet are joined together. With the hand press model, you will not need to make any previous cut, as the setting of the eyelet is very simple.

Once you have set the first eyelet, you will see how easy and fast it will be to place the rest in the different fixing points.

In the following video, you can see how to work with the hand press:




Your goods will be delivered within 1-9 days Australia-wide.

  • FREE delivery Australia-wide on orders of $98 placed on the website.
  • Flat $18 nationwide delivery on orders up to $98.

For further information view https://eurotechdisplays.com.au/help/deliveries-returns/


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Mark E.

eyelet punch with clear eyelets

So far very good, out of the box and first couple of banners done. Have stuck some trials in the paddock to test, and will see what time does. Sure beats the hammer and punch.

brett w.

eyelet machine

awesome machine very neat

daniel s.

Great Product

Easiest eyelet system I have used for small orders and at a great price!

Andrew M.

Eyelet Punch

Solid machine, does the job with ease

Rob C.

Great product & great service!

Product is spot on for our requirements. Great service by the Eurotech team!