Eyelets for Signage, Banners, and Tarpaulins

Eyelets for Signage, Banners, and Tarpaulins

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Eyelets for Signage, Banners, and Tarpaulins

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Ultra Clear Eyelet Std- 1000pcs, 8mm

1+ Unit ($55.62 each)

Ultra Clear Eyelet Std- 1000pcs, 12mm

1+ Unit ($81.37 each)

Ultra Clear Longneck Eyelet - 1000pcs, 12mm

1+ Unit ($81.37 each)

Ultra Clear Washer- 1000pcs, 12mm

1+ Unit ($36.05 each)

Clear Eyelets from Eurotech

A common concern when using tarps as displays and signage is keeping them in place. When used outdoors, their appearance can easily be affected by factors such as the weather and, instead of making your display stand out, they can make it look untidy and unprofessional. Tarp eyelets are the solution to this problem. Eyelets for banners are small, circular pieces designed to be attached to the corners of the banner or tarpaulin. They form neat holes that allow the tarp to be easily hung or mounted. Their small size makes them inconspicuous against the background of the banner.

Our clear eyelets are shipped to Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and anywhere in between.

At Eurotech, we offer clear grommets that are ideal for many applications. Our products are made from quality materials and are not damaged by rust or other corrosive elements, making them perfect for outdoor use.
The clear material makes them almost invisible, enabling them to blend well with the rest of your tarpaulin design. In addition, they can be recycled and can last for years. Our clear solutions are the answer to your tarpaulin and banner display needs and are perfect for a variety of applications including:

  • Corrugated polymers (Coroplast)
  • PVC banners
  • X-banners
  • Foam boards
  • Textiles

The eyelets we stock come in different sizes, and are sold in sets of 1,000 pieces. Please see the table below for pricing and other details.

Advantages of Clear Eyelets

  • No rust
  • Virtually invisible
  • Strong and durable for Australian outdoors

All of the above features give you 1 clear sales tool when competing on commodity print items. Rather than compete on price only, you now have a clear benefit to tell your clients about.

Supplier of Clear Eyelets

Eurotech is your trusted supplier of clear eyelets for your tarp and banner displays. For inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Our range of eyelet machines range from manual to fully automatic.



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