Ritetack – Instant Grab Adhesive

Ritetack – Instant Grab Adhesive

Item No: ET6-5000G, ET6-5000, ET6-5000B
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Ritetack – Instant Grab Adhesive

Item No. Description Quantity ADD TO CART
ET6-5000G Ritetack Grey, 290ml Tube 1-11 Units ($20.50 each)
12+ Units ($16.27 each)
ET6-5000 Ritetack White, 290ml Tube 1-11 Units ($20.50 each)
12+ Units ($16.27 each)
ET6-5000B Ritetack Black, 290ml Tube 1-11 Units ($20.50 each)
12+ Units ($16.27 each)

Applications and Benefits of Ritetack Construction Adhesive

Ritetack works impeccably for many applications as a construction adhesive – your instant hold solution:

  • Affixing materials such as metal, timber and glass
  • Adhering to surfaces, such as plaster, stone, ceramic, concrete, polystyrene, and polyurethane.

There are many benefits to using Ritetack.

  • It saves a huge amounts of time with its instant hold feature
  • It eliminates the need for unsightly fixings
  • It is suitable for most materials
  • It is a proven and trusted product worldwide

Ritetack does not contain solvents or isocyanate, making it the safe choice of adhesive for your signage needs.

For a free guide on construction adhesive view Construction Adhesive.

Construction Glue: A Display Essential

What use is beautiful signage if it’s not properly secured in a frame and looks crumpled when displayed? Without the right display materials, it won’t stand out. Eurotech recommends quick set, instant hold construction adhesives for this purpose. Ritetack instant grab adhesive is the perfect solution for your signage issues. Suitable for a range of materials including timber, metal and glass, the heavy duty adhesive has a strong initial grab, making it easy to use in various applications. Small amounts are enough to secure the signage.

The Features Of Our Instant Hold Adhesive

  • Exhibits a superior initial grab and instant hold, up to 1000kgs per SQM horizontally
  • Suits virtually all building materials such as timber, ACM sheet, metal, glass, mirror
  • No solvents and no isocyanates meaning Ritetack is user friendly
  • Proven worldwide
  • Paintable (unlike silicone) and retains elasticity
  • No.1 in adhesives
  • Comes in 290mL tubes

Ritetack Supplier in Australia

As a leading supplier of hardware solutions for visual communication, Eurotech brings together a wide range of products from trusted brands around the world. We offer signage materials (including display supplies) and signage-making materials (such as quick set construction adhesives). Our customers trust our products for an impeccable display that showcases their brand and eliminates common exhibition display problems.

If you are looking for a trusted construction glue supplier in Australia, then Eurotech is the company to call. We supply 290ml tubes in boxes of 12. This instant hold adhesive works with virtually all materials.  Our team offers free delivery, Australia-wide, to customers who purchase more than 1 box. Call us and let us know how we can help you.

Free delivery to capital cities Australia wide with 1+ boxes.

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RITETACK Distributors – please call our team on FREE CALL 1800 30 6161 to find out your nearest stockists. For the full range of adhesives view riteadhesives.com.au



Our standard freight fee for delivery Australia Wide is $26.78 + GST. We reserve the right to change this but any additional freight costs will be negotiated first.

We deliver across Australia to your door. Depending on current stock holdings delivery will be made within 1 – 7 business days. Check out our delivery times map.


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