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Which Industry Should Signmakers Target For A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are movable signs used to promote the products and services of a business. These are also referred to as sandwich boards or pavement signs. It is often printed and fixed on an A-frame stand and works as an effective and affordable form of advertising.

An A-frame is one of the best options when your clients are planning to advertise something. It works as a yard sign, which requires minimal effort. They can carry it anywhere and place it in any location.

Unlike other modes of advertisement, A-frame signs are easy to install, and your clients don’t have to depend upon external factors or resources to start using them. For those reasons, A-frames are the first choice for advertising and promoting their business with the least effort. A-frame signs prove to be a highly effective medium for various sorts of businesses, no matter how small or big. It is a sure-shot way to draw the attention of potential customers. There are multiple ways to use these signs as well. Now let’s understand how it can be used and what industries you should target.

Industries You Should Target as Sign Makers

Restaurants and Bars


A-frame signs can be used to promote daily offers and special deals to catch the passerby’s attention instantly. According to various studies and research, these advertisements do influence consumer behaviour. Target customers are most likely to buy products or services. It is perhaps the most effective way for restaurants and bars to encourage customers to make buying decisions. It all boils down to how effectively the business communicates these offers to its customers.

Retail Outlets and Small Shops


We all know that A-frame signs can bring in new customers, and they are great for businesses that rely on foot traffic. It is a perfect way to grab people’s attention. So, any industry that relies on constant foot traffic must use A-frames to promote its business and boost its credibility. Therefore, retailers and small shops should be at the top of any signmaker’s target list.

For Directional Purposes (Malls, Super Markets, and Institutions)


A-frame signs find their best use in giving directions. Your target clients can come from malls, hypermarkets, government agencies, and corporate institutions.

Remember seeing these signs such as take left, go straight, or just simple arrows in shopping malls and superstores or events? Businesses based on busy and narrow streets face the problem of getting new customers due to a lack of visibility. An A-frame is an excellent way to direct the crowd towards the shop.

Realtors, Brokers, and Self Employed


It is undoubtedly the right option for realtors, brokers, and those who run their businesses from their homes. Customers engage in impulsive buying. It is the fear of missing the opportunity that affects their decision and compels them to buy. So, as a signmaker, you can target every industry that depends on sales to offer your a-frame signs.


Food Trucks (To promote Offers from Time to Time)


Every business needs to communicate effectively with its target customers about ongoing offers and discounts. And one of the easiest ways to do it is by writing a compelling message on A-frame signs to highlight festive or seasonal discounts on their services or products. Food trucks, restaurants, small retail shops, candy shops, salons, and small outlets are some of the niches to approach as a signmaker.

A-frames and sandwich board signs undoubtedly significantly impact sales in areas where foot traffic plays a crucial role in generating business. Businesses located in city centres, shopping centres, malls, and boardwalks often use A-frame signs to draw traffic to their respective businesses. Your clients mostly come from these areas. They have been in use for many decades and are still popular even today, despite the growing digital landscape. Consumers still prefer traditional and interactive advertisements, particularly for experiences such as shopping, dining, and other service-related things.

The good news is that the economy is now showing positive trends as consumers get out of their houses to shop like in pre-COVID times. Thus, outdoor signs are probably the best way to drive engagement for passing customers.

For small or large businesses, A-frames are one of the most economical ways of advertising. As a sign maker, creating the perfect signage for your client requires high-quality A-frame materials. Visit Eurotech Australia; we have a variety of A-frame signs and sign hardware, from slide to wheel A-frames, warning to changeable signs, and metal to flute A-frame signs.

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