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What are Double Sided Tapes and it’s Pros & Cons?

What is Double Sided Tape?

The double-sided tape holds or sticks two surfaces together. It is a pressure-sensitive tape coated with adhesive on both sides. It is widely used in many industries for various applications such as holding, bonding, mounting, sticking, splicing, and packaging. However, its primary purpose is to stick to two surfaces.

A double-sided tape can be thick or thin depending upon the application. Paper-based and foam-based, and sometimes modified versions of duct tape are also available in the market for various uses. Those with thick tapes are better able to bond two non-uniform surfaces which require strong bonding. It usually involves a foam layer to hold the objects firmly. In contrast, thin bonding tapes are slightly thinner adhesives based on silicone liner.


double sided tape


Pros and Cons of Double Sided Tape


  1. The most significant advantage of double-sided tape is a swift application and removal of the surfaces applied, once the work is done.
  2. It significantly cuts down on the time required to prevent the spread of hazardous materials like mould, asbestos, or chemicals.
  3. The overall process of removing is much easier, which saves plenty of time for the users.
  4. A double-sided tape allows you to apply the tape directly to the surface without spending any unnecessary time attaching the poly sheet.
  5. It is cost-efficient compared to traditional tapes.


  1. Not choosing the right one may hamper performance. Many people don’t perform the testing to see which would be the effective solution. You should only use the right type of double-sided tape and perform adhesive testing before using it.
  2. Temperature Tape Failure is another disadvantage. The effectiveness of the adhesive tape is often temperature-dependent. Extremely high temperatures may cause the adhesive to melt and lose away its properties.
  3. Depending upon its application, you may test or have to clean the surface. Ensure there are no traces of dirt, dust, greasing, or moisture before applying the tape.

How Many Types of Double Sided Tapes Does Eurotech Have?

Eurotech’s double-sided tapes can deliver a powerful and permanent bond on many surfaces. Its viscoelastic construction dissipates stress and compensates for different thermal expansion rates between surfaces. Thus, making it the ideal solution for the manufacturing of pylon signs.

Some of the Popular Double-Sided Tapes are as follows:

double sided tape range

How Double Sided Tape is Useful for Signmakers or in the Sign-making business?

Double-sided tape from Eurotech gives you the versatility required to perform various applications involved in signage assembly with ease. For general mounting applications such as acrylic backings in intricate signage assembly, double-sided film tapes are recommended. You can use foam tapes for rough surfaces. But for the fabrication of all types of banners and posters, tissue tapes and double-sided film tapes are suitable for applications like core starting and laminating.

Illuminated signs require a seamless and gap-free finish to maximize light retention, enable weatherproofing lettering, faceplates, and access elements. Our wide range of tapes includes high transparency options in both high bond and film tapes for applications where shadowing must be avoided.

Which Double-Sided tape is Suitable for your Needs?

There is no correct answer to this question as it depends on the sign-maker requirements. Sign-makers must test the surface to choose the suitable tape for the job. For example for display boards with less margin, you may need thin and narrow tapes while for boards that need to be held to the wall and there is no option of hanging, foam-based wide double-sided tapes will be useful.

What is Acrylic Foam Tape and why is it Becoming so Popular?

Acrylic Foam Tape, also known as Ultra High Bond Tape, comprises a layer of foam core coated with acrylic adhesive on each side and is covered by a red liner. It lasts significantly longer and adds more strength even in harsh conditions such as exposure to sunlight or even under extremely cold temperatures. It is famous for its durability and high-strength material. Eurotech’s high bond acrylic tape is the ideal solution for mounting and sealing ACM panels of steel or aluminium frames. The simple yet effective design is what makes acrylic foam tapes extremely easy to manage. All the components such as core, liner, and adhesive are carefully engineered for delivering excellent results. Let’s have a look at these components closely.

Foam Core: It is the core of the functionality because it helps spread the load. There is a wide range of options depending upon their thicknesses and weights.

Liner: Release liners are exceptionally crafted to produce an easy release from the adhesion of the acrylic foam tape itself. At Eurotech, our Acrylic Foam Tape has the perfect liner to offer you optimum “stickiness” while keeping the adhesive layer intact from all types of environmental elements during its shipment, storage, and use.

Adhesive: Two most important factors that matter a lot while choosing the suitable two-sided tape are strength and durability. Acrylic adhesive provides these two qualities together, and hence it is the most preferred choice of buyers.

If you are looking for high-quality double-sided tapes, then you are at the best site. Our range of high-bond Double-Sided Tapes is suitable for a wide range of applications and substrates. Right from glass to aluminium to automotive surfaces, you can enjoy the highest efficiency. If you are someone from the signage industry, it will be an ideal option when installing fabricated metal signage, display projects, and general signs.


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