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Tailor Made Bag for Sign Making Tools – With YelloGear Yellotools provides the solution
The general tool bag industry makes no distinction between electricians, carpenters, do-it-yourselfers or even sign makers and car wrappers. “One-size-fits-all” is their motto. We did not want to leave it that way.

Together with leading professionals we have developed an exclusive tool bag system just for our craft, Sign Making & Car Wrapping. Especially the work on vehicles quickly shows the limits to conventional tool bag systems.

As “LEAN-thinkers” it hurts our heart if your customers’ money is burned due to looking around for your Sign Making Tools or you are annoyed by the fact that e.g. a cutter or a squeegee can only be reached cumbersome or has to be “parked” in your mouth.

As professional Sign Makers we needed to solve this problem! 🙂

Tool Bags with System – Organized Sign Making for the Highest Customer Satisfaction
Our brand new “YelloGear” series is based on the hook-and-pile technology that has been used by the military and police for decades. The practical tool bag system can be put together by you individually and even adapted to your new requirements if necessary. The combination and expansion options are infinite.

The wearing comfort is fantastic and the reachability of the individual Sign Making Tools is incomparable. Put together your individual tool belt, shoulder bag or basic tool bag as you like it the most.

Of course, we have also put together six fully equipped sets of which each satisfies a basic need. They can be extended at any time or adjusted in seconds. Of course you can also put together your tool bag set by yourself.

In this way you’ll exactly get the tool bags you like! 🙂

And if you’re looking for a fully equipped Car Wrapping tool trolley, you should take a look at our WrapTower PowerPack.

Yellotools – Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping