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Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape from Eurotech offers the versatility required to meet the various applications involved in general signage assembly. For general mounting applications such as acrylic backings in intracut signage assembly, we recommend our double-sided filmic tapes, however our PE foam tapes should be used on rough surfaces. For the fabrication of banners and posters, double-sided filmic and tissue tapes are suitable for a range of applications, including core starting and laminating.

Illuminated signs require a seamless and gap free finish in order to maximise light retention, as well as weatherproofing lettering, faceplates and access elements. Our range of tapes include high transparency options in both high bond and double-sided filmic tapes for applications where shadowing must be avoided.

Pylon/totem signs are required to withstand many environmental challenges, particularly high and low temperatures, humidity, UV and differing rates of thermal expansion, Eurotech high bond acrylic tape is the ideal solution for mounting and sealing ACM panels to steel or aluminium frames.

Eurotech tapes are able to achieve a powerful and permanent bond on many surfaces, while its viscoelastic construction dissipates stress and compensates for different thermal expansion rates between surfaces, making it the ideal solution for the manufacturing of pylon signs.

The Secret To Maximum Double Sided Tape Effect – Quality! – With reducing production time and maximising effect as our mission, we have now compiled a guide for the print and sign industry.

Some quick wins to put into practise today :

  • Required strength is vital – No matter whether it is construction of a print project or a simple outdoor a-frame, most projects require suitable strength. For example, outdoor use in Australia requires UV stable material.
  • Versatility – Use a double sided tape which works with virtually all materials as the face. As well as saving time from swapping between double sided tapes, you will increase your buying power through using larger quantities of the same product.
  • Consider the time reduction – As well as saving time and therefore costs, a level of automation means time is reduced during production. Make sure that whatever double sided tape you decide to go with, make sure that there options available for automation. Choose your double sided tape carefully. Yes, not all are the same. There are even key differences such as service agreements and quality.

What are double sided tapes made from?

Materials vary from foam based through to polyester double sided tape.

Reasons to choose Eurotech Double Sided Tapes:

  • High quality
  • Unique design
  • Packaged for easy distribution

Make sure your double sided tapes match your projects!

When doing the sales pitch it is quite common to tell your clients that you are using a 7 year substrate. The secret here is to also mention the double sided tape quality. Does your competitor use a double sided tape that backs up their materials used? Use this to your advantage and mention it to your clients.

Surface Preparation for Double Sided Tape

The best practise for any tape application is to have surfaces which are clean and sound.

If necessary use a primer (always test adhesive prior to full implementation on a project).

Once the surfaces are clean using mechanical methods such as sanding, materials may need a final clean with a liquid. The liquid used can be defined by a)detergent or b) solvent.

As with any adhesives check the surfaces that the adhesive tape will come in contact with before final install. Eg. If the tape is being applied to a painted surface, is the paint sticking well to the building structure? If the paint is flaky, there will be failure with any adhesive as the paint will come away from the structure due to the weight of the material being glued to the pain