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Electronic and Lighting

The Ultimate Guide – Digital Signage – With reducing set-up time and maximising exposure as our mission, we have now compiled a guide for digital promotions and communication.

Digital Signage – Some quick wins to put into practise today :

  • Be practical – As much as it is tempting, don’t construct a list of needs which you will never use. In the digital world everything is possible but it comes down to your return on investment.
  • Go for easy installation – Whether it is outdoors or indoors, try and install so you can update your screen content using Wifi. As well as being convenient, this will save on installation costs such as installing ethernet cable to your screen
  • Versatility – Use a digital signage screen which works with virtually all applications. As well as saving time from swapping between different models you will increase your buying power through using larger quantities of the same product.
  • Consider the time reduction – As well as saving time and therefore costs, a digital screen means the need for printing posters is reduced. The instant production feature with digital signage means that the message is less likely to miss the boat when your promotional campaign is about to start. A small tip with digital signage screens – be careful of the quality; using an overseas supplier can be economically attractive for your initial purchase but when you need backup service for any issues will they support you? Getting your message in front your audience fast is one of the powerful reasons to convert to digital signage today. A free-standing solution which you can relocate easily might be your answer – view Proud – Your Digital Signage Master

Digital signage software and updating of content must be easy for you – even if you have no IT knowledge – that is our mission. Here are some options

  • USB update – Content can be used and loaded onto a USB stick so the content can then be displayed on the electronic screen