Easy Rack – Vinyl Rack

Easy Rack – Vinyl Rack

Item No: ET6-2603
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Easy Rack – Vinyl Rack

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ET6-2603 EASY RACK - 16 ROLLS 3 " CORE, 190 x 42 x 101 1+ Unit ($946.00 each)

Easy Rack – Mobile Vinyl Rack 16 Rolls 3″

Easy Rack is the perfect system when you need to store and move lots of rolls around regularly. The rack provides 16 hinged lock down posts for rolls to stand upright and maintain a ergonomic and safe environment during transport.

  • Our ergonomic storage rack that will help you to avoid back injuries
  • All 16 positions have a hinged mechanism with a safety device so that rolls do not fall down accidentally when moving the rack
  • Heavy duty nylon casters with locks
  • Supports up to 460kg

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