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Wrapcut Pro

Wrapcut Pro

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Wrapcut Pro

Item No.Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
ET6-6001Wrapcut Pro, 45 metre roll Login or Register to view prices.

  • Utilizes the SAME synthetic cutting filament as the WrapCut Original tape
  • 45 meters per roll
  • 4mm wide, with slightly more adhesion

The Wrapcut difference:

  • Rather than cutting through the tape, our cutting filaments come out from the side of the tape
  • The edge of the tape acts as your cut line when laying the tape down
  • As you pull out the cutting filament, the edge of the tape helps guide the filament

With WrapCut, you no longer need to worry about the vehicle’s paint job because the fine filament within the tape will produce a clean, smooth cut-line with just an easy pull through the vinyl. The strong flexible tape removes just as easily from beneath the vinyl for a professional, unblemished finish. WrapCut not only produces impressively straight cut-lines, but is also conformable around irregular shapes and angles.

Benefits of Vinyl Cutting Tape:

  • Reduces the required skill level to apply wraps
  • Eliminates the need for a knife and risk of surface damage
  • Creates new possibilities such as overlapping vinyl surfaces

WrapCut® Fine Filament Tape is the best alternative to a metal blade for making precise trim lines through most printed vinyl and protective film products including paint and epoxy coatings. This innovative tape was designed to meet the needs of those who demand excellence with every project. With a small diameter cutting filament located at the outside edge of the tape, WrapCut enables easy trim line location producing a perfect cut, where you want it, every time. WrapCut not only produces impressively straight trim lines but also conforms contours and angles. WrapCut is supplied on ergonomic protective plastic spools for easy handling and application to your entire project.


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