Scraperite Tradesman Standard Holder inc 6 Blades

Scraperite Tradesman Standard Holder inc 6 Blades

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

The Scraperite Tradesman Standard has a 40mm wide blade. The handle is 165mm long making this scraper easy to hold and giving the user leverage.

There a 3 x Curvey blades included and 3 x straight blades in this 6 pack kit! Each blade has 2 edges on it.

Breaking away from all traditional standards of design and expected use, Scraperite breaks forward again with discontinuous innovations in product design and function built into the new Tradesman series holders. The redesigned Tradesman handles used to hold the standard width blades of 4cm (1 9/16inches) now accommodate either rectangle or the new Scraperite CurveyTM blade in one. The slightly larger size and added design contours make the product more comfortable in the palm of the hand and push the blade further outboard for better reach into recessed corners of window frames. The most important addition to the series is the pronounced thumb press blade release system. This patent-pending system allows for smoother blade release by depressing the blade enough to release it from the centre locking pin and slide out.

This holder fits the standard rectangle and curvey plastic blades. The new Tradesman Standard holder incorporates some of the latest design improvements including

  • New blade release system for easy blade replacement
  • The new ergonomic longer handle adds comfort at the back of the palm and overall slightly larger size makes it more comfortable in repeated use professional use settings.
  • New materials for easier recycling and added strength
  • Dual Blade System fits new CurveyTM curved blade
  • More pronounced blade position for better corner reach

SCRAPERITE  is a safety scraper designed for use where a metal scraper would damage the underlying surface. Scraperite is also the only branded plastic scraper on the market with a business focus on creating quality purpose-built products with consistent predictable performance.

Thinking about it, most situations do not require a metal blade or scraper in the first place. Wood furniture and flooring, aluminium window frames, glass, auto paint, gel-coat and fibreglass, stainless steel, and chrome are all surfaces that could be scratched and damaged when using metal scrapers or scrubbing pads. Unlike scrubbing pads and rags, Scraperite blades lift unwanted substances up and away from the surface being cleaned. The blade can be easily wiped after each stroke with a disposable towel and reused until the edge wears or gets damaged before being flipped or replaced. Germs and dirt get thrown away with the blade and towel not caught between the fibres of a scouring pad.

Scraperite also offers targeted scraping versus impacting the area around the substance being removed.

Scraperite assortment of blades ensure the right tool for the job when considering the substance being cleaned, the surface, and the solvent used.


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