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Repoz is a phtalate-free polymeric vinyl with a matt white finish, equipped with a clear adhesive that possesses the unique characteristics of being ultra-removeable and repositionable. The adhesive layer is protected by a moisture-stable liner made of PE kraft that ensures its durability and flatness.

It can be applied and removed numerous times without damaging the underlying substrate.

…it’s all about the adhesive. The microsphere removable glue technology is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of removable adhesive.


Film High quality, phtalate-free matt white polymeric PVC (150-micron)
Adhesive Ultra-removeable acrylic
Release liner 2-sided PE Coated Kraft liner
Roll size 1370mm*50m (3-inch core)
Compatibility Latex, eco-solvent and UV inks



Zero surface damage – Also means there is no adhesive residue transfer.

Clean removal for 2 years – Other products in the market are 6 months.

Ideal for high value surfaces – Such as price tag on cars, furniture, kitchen bench tops or appliances,

Fantastic for over existing graphics – An idea solution where short term promotions need to be put over the top of existing graphics and then removed in a day or so.

Unique microsphere adhesive formulation  – The same type of technology as Post It notes, which doesn’t build in tack over time like traditional, removable pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Re-position many times – No surface damage or problems for the adhesive. For example, you can apply graphics and then remove in 2 months and apply to another surface.

Extremely easy to install – No need to hire an installation team to fit the graphics in situations such as coffee shops or retail or for that matter…anywhere!

Exceptional print quality – Using either latex, eco-solvent or UV inks.

2-Sided PE Coated Kraft liner – High quality, moisture stable, stay flat release liner.



Promotion (short term and long term)

Shops or Retail



Wall graphics (commercial or domestic)

High value assets

Price and Availability

Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
EV-P-RE-137 Evolve Repoz - 1370mm*50m Login or Register to view prices.
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