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Wireless Lighting – Rethink Your Process

A whole new way to light channel letters! We offer you our patent pending wireless lighting technology; A way to cut down on labor, cost and improve on quality! The FlexLite series is our screwable wireless LED solution, specially developed to light channel letters. To achieve a wireless LED connection, our LED module is powered through the specially designed carrier material. With this material it is possible to fasten and electrically connect our led modules anywhere. No matter if you want to connect as little as one or as much as one hundred modules or even more! The wireless FlexLite system offers channel letter manufacturers, some significant advantages:

  • Complete freedom: no hassle with wiring
  • Easy application
  • Ultra high light output in combination with quality lenses: saves you up to 80% on LEDs
  • Up to 6x faster LED mounting
  • No more stickers and gluing to “stick” LED modules
  • Proven IP65 durability
  • Innovative 48V system: connecting up to 100 LED modules to 1 connector

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If you want to understand our wireless lighting concept in a much easier way, please see our video below.



During the development of our wireless LED technology, we learned that the industry faces the following problems when applying sign lighting:

  • Trial and error LED placement
  • Multiple LED strings need to be connected to each other
  • Distance between LED modules is fixed, cable is either to long or to short
  • Difficult to get the desired even light output, especially in small and thin box letters
  • Unevenly lit signs caused by poor lens design
  • Adhesive foam tapes can be used only once
  • Glue is needed to permanently fix the LED modules

In all, a labour intensive process. At Stogger, we developed our wireless lighting in a way that these issues are a thing of the past! Lean more about the advantages of wireless lighting


In the video below, the production process of lighting a channel letter with Stogger wireless lighting is shown. The process basically consists of 4 simple steps:

  1. Router the PowerBoard in the desired shape
  2. Apply the LEDs
  3. Electrically connect the PowerBoard
  4. Apply the lighted PowerBoard into the channel letters



We developed our Quantum Flex 172 LED module with a wide angle beam, allowing sign makers to dramatically reduce the amount of LEDs needed. By using the example below, we want to challenge you: how many LEDs would you normally use to light this T to get an even illumination? Please note that the T is 250mm height x 310mm width x 60mm deep. P.S. To light this T, we only need 4W of lighting power

Connect to power source
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