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Which Flatbed Vinyl Application Table Should I Choose?

Are you looking for the best flatbed application table and are unable to decide which one to buy?

There are many brands of flatbed laminators on the market. There is the Rollsroller, the CWT Worktools, the Bubble-free, the Rollover, and the RiteRoller. All have varying structures and varying features, and all are typically good quality brands.

What you have to decide is which brand and which feature suits you best. Overall, these tables are simple pieces of machinery, but one of our customers likened them to buying a car or a ute. They said there is one primary role of a table, and that’s applying vinyl to a substrate. The same applies to a car or a Ute. Its job is to get a person or a product from one destination to another.

If you want to drive in style, then you go upmarket, like a Mercedes or an Audi, or in a Ute, you get a Landcruiser or a high-end Amarok. But if you are only worried about getting from point A to point B most efficiently, you should go with a Toyota Camry or a Ute, like maybe a Hilux Workmate.

There is a reason why taxis mainly drive Camrys or couriers drive Workmates; that’s because they want the best ROI.



When we liken that to the flatbed vinyl application tables, it’s the same. If you have plenty of cash and want all the bells and whistles, then you run with the Rollsroller or the Rollover, but if you are just worried about getting 75% increased efficiency and want the best ROI, then that’s why you go for the RiteRoller.

The RiteRoller has had all the bells and whistles removed for this very reason, Eurotech wanted to deliver a flatbed applicator that gave you the best ROI so that you could spend your spare cash on things that you wanted, like that jet ski or boat you’ve been dreaming about. This being said, the RiteRoller does have a glass top, so you can very easily add items like lighting.

We also removed the bells and whistles, so there was less for you to service. Australia is such a large country, and no matter what anyone says, if you live in Broome, or Cairns, or Alice Springs, it’s never easy to get a technician there. The RiteRoller has been designed for this very situation; to be as maintenance-independent as possible.

So to summarise, if you want all the bells and whistles, then the Rollsroller, Rollover, and CWT are all great options for you and you can’t go wrong with any of these brands, but if you are looking for ROI, the RiteRoller is the perfect solution!

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