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What Is Spike Cloud?

Spike Cloud. Do more with what you have.

The Spike Cloud is the online platform where over 2000 professional sign makers go to measure, add information, and add value to their Spike Measurement Tool photos.

It is an essential tool for Spike Measurement Tool users to upload, organize and store Spike photos. Spike Cloud is great for increasing accuracy if a small screen is a problem, but it also helps any user work more efficiently in the field.

You can:

  • Export your work as a JPG or PDF
  • Send a URL link
  • Export a scaled JPEG (Spike Cloud Pro Upgrade Required)

As a Spike customer, you automatically receive a Basic Plan at no additional cost. The basic plan includes all the photo measurement capabilities of the Spike app but on your desktop or PC. If you have not incorporated the Spike Cloud into your measuring process, we highly recommend you give it a try. The Spike Cloud can be viewed in Picture Gallery or Map Gallery modes in 15 different languages.

Spike Picture Gallery


Spike Map Gallery


Spike Pro Cloud

The Spike Pro Cloud is an optional paid upgrade available to any Spike user who creates a Spike Cloud account, and includes premium features such as:

Scaled Image

Save valuable time with your design applications by exporting a 1:1 scaled and perspective corrected JPG for use in popular design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Flexi, or AutoCAD.



Collaborate and give direction by adding notes to a photo record. Notes can be exported in a PDF or JPG.

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Advanced Folder Organization

Manage and optimize all of your Spike photos into folder hierarchies.

Don’t fall victim to disorganized Spike photos. Spike not only helps you save time and money on your surveys but can also help you to keep your projects on track. Spike supports your project management technique of choice, by allowing you to categorize projects into folders and rename individual photos.

Separating your site surveys into individual Spike folders within the mobile app and Cloud makes them easy to locate and share, and ensures you’ll never let a key survey suddenly disappear. Additionally, if multiple people are using one Cloud account, it’s easy for them to identify the project and pick up where you left off.

Advanced Folder Organization


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