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Week 1 Product Recommendation: Visirite

With the signage industry becoming more competitive, having solutions that stand out is essential. Clients want custom signage, and you want to be able to provide it without breaking the bank.

We designed the Visirite Signage System with these two objectives in mind: customization and affordability.

It’s a two-to-three-part system that consists of a 5m-long profile, a corner connector (which can also be used to create T-joins), and, if applicable, a bracket to attach it to a wall.

The concept arose from the industry’s need for a low-cost, customizable system that required little to no skill to set up. There will be no more costly labour to create custom frames.

On top of this, the Visirite can be used with keder-sewn banners, various inserts (Euroflute, ACM, and so on), and it can even be equipped with our patented hooks, making it extremely versatile, and amazingly easy to replace.

It is also available in four different colours: black, white, anodized, and mill finish. If none of these finishes is suitable for your project, you’ll be relieved to know that the Visirite is easily powder coated.


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