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Why Your Storefront Needs a Beautiful A-Frame Sign

A-frame Signage

People nowadays are bombarded with so many marketing messages that the natural response is to look away. If you want to get your message across, it is imperative that you grab your audience’s attention in a new way. Marketing in ways that people don’t expect is a great way to get them glued to your message. To do just that, here is an idea: Put up A-frame signage, and your establishment will be very hard to miss. Here’s why:

1. Level-Headed

If you raise your eyes just a few feet above eye level in a shopping centre, all you will see is a glaring array of store signs. Each one will be trying to outdo the other. Although distracting, they don’t provide much information. Instead of adding to the confusion, A-frames sit at street-level. Even when someone is looking down at their smartphone, they will still be able to glimpse your message.

2. More Information for Customers

While store signs grab attention, they lack the power to draw customers in. A-frames enable businesses to provide information in a more inviting and immediate way. An A-frame, standing tall right by your door, can be a subtle, “Hey, we have something you might like.”

3. Hits Like a Newsflash!

Think of an A-frame as the occasional breaking news you get during lazy weeknight programming. It wakes you up with information that is relevant. Use your A-frames to provide fresh information: flash deals, new products, specials, etc. This can really catch your audience’s attention.

4. Cost-effective

Here at Eurotech, we provide our customers with quality advertising resources at great prices. Our highly customisable A-frames give businesses a good value medium that catches pedestrians’ attention without breaking the bank.

With proper deployment and engaging content, the A-frame is a clever add-on to any storefront. It improves the facade and is a vessel that enables companies to give people more information about their business. If you are considering installing an A-frame sign, why not contact us at [email protected] and ask for our expert advice?

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