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How To Reduce The Effect Of Online and Overseas Competition

We are all know the feeling…’can I email you a picture of something I found on the web’

Along with that goes ‘the price they are offering it for is xxx, can you match it?’
How do we get away from this profit eroding scenario?

Here are some tips to reduce the effect of the online and overseas competition:

1. Get In There First. Be the proactive solution provider who is the first to be remembered when your clients are in the market. Offer unique and different solutions when you are in contact, so you are not know for a ‘me too’ product range or just another source for a quotation.

2. Offer 2 options. If you end up needing to provide a price on a product your client has found on the web, present an alternative solution as well. Eg. I thought you might be interested in this option as well…. This option needs to have a clear point of difference which an overseas provider won’t be able to match. This will take the focus off the price and bring discussion to the ‘value’ of the product (what return will I receive or how will it make business better for me).

3. Offer a service. Can you include a service which the web or overseas provider can’t? Onsite set up or installation, storage and graphic design are elements which are best fulfilled by Australian based providers to deliver what is expected by parties involved in the project. Most importantly your client’s customers will be expecting graphic design which strengthens and promotes the brand; not detract with a theme which was designed with tastes suited to another country.

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