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Tool Belts for Sign Making – Professional Equipment from Yellotools
A tool belt is simply practical for any signmaker. So you have your tool at hand when you need it and do not always have to search for it in the toolbox for a long time. In the practical tool belts you can stow your squeegees or cutting tools easily.

In our sign making shop, we have put together various complete sets for you. Starting with the “starter” to the “professional”, these fully equipped tool belts offer everything you need for your job as a sign-making technician.

With Yellotools you are always well equipped! 🙂

You can even find a special tool belt for CarWrapper in our online shop. By the way, you not only get toolboxes and belts with us, but also a complete tool trolley with everything you need for car wrapping.

Find the right Toolbox for every Signmaker – or get your individual tool belt
If you have not found the right toolbox yet, you should take a look at our CarWrap furniture. Or you just individually put together with the YelloGear the tool bag or tool belt that you need for exactly your work in the sign making technology.

Yellotools – Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping