Plastic Squeegees


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Plastic Squeegees

That’s why at Yellotools you now get the professional plastic squeegees for wet bonding YelloWetPro.

The Organic Squeegee for environmentally conscious Sign Making Technicians
Our planet and the future of our children are dear to Yellotools heart! That’s why we developed the ProWrap Bio Squeegees for you. Due to the 33% recycled wood content and the special mixture of materials, these are completely biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Magnetic squeegee for professional Car Wrapping
We are always open for improvements. That is why the TonnyMag squeegees have made it into our product range. Thanks to the integrated holding magnets, you can not just “park” them, but also conveniently align graphics or digital prints.

An ingenious tool for Sign Makers! 🙂

Antibacterial Plastic Squeegee for sterile rooms
For those who work as Sign Making Technicians in sterile rooms, we offer our antibacterial squeegees. These are for example the ProWrap Duo Clean and the AllStar Clean. Within eight hours almost all bacteria are killed here. And if you put your squeegee into your mouth without thinking, that certainly has more advantages!

Stop dust – Here comes the antistatic squeegee
If you are sick and tired of the dust on your plastic squeegee, you should try our new antistatic squeegees. For example, the ProWrap Duo Antistatic and the AllStar Antistatic offer this. The antistatic squeegees are made of a special granulate mixture by ourselves and finally put an end to the annoying dust!

Plastic Squeegees in different degrees of hardness
In Sign Making Technology you need plastic squeegees in different degrees of hardness. Whether you need a very hard squeegee like the ProWrap Duo Teflon, a medium hard or soft, in our Online Shop you can get them all. And brand new in the program we have the ProWrap Soft. A very soft squeegee with just 35° Shore.

To protect the foils and to improve the sliding properties, of course, you will also get the matching squeegee covers from us.

For those who can not make a decision – take a look at our squeegee sets 🙂

Yellotools – Innovation for Sign Making Technology and Car Wrapping!