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The matching Squeegee Covers for the Yellotools plastic squeegees
We briefly named our squeegee covers „Wings”. You can now order the high-quality protective covers for your Sign Making technician squeegee directly in the Yellotools online shop – of course Made in Germany.

The right Squeegee Cover for every task of the Sign Making technology
In Sign Making you have to work with different materials. We are aware of that and have developed the right squeegee for you for every task. You are searching for felt squeegee covers, Teflon pads for subsequent application to the squeegee surface, or MicroFine Pads with a closed surface for particularly delicate surfaces?

Find them all in our Sign Maker Shop. 🙂

Perfect fitting squeegee cover for best results
Whether you prefere to use our ProWrap Betty, ProWrap Duo or the AllStar squeegees for Sign Making technology and Car Wrapping, with the YelloWings Betty, YelloWings Duo and the AllStar Wings we offer you a wide variety of protective covers for every situation.

Click through and find the right squeegee cover for you!

Yellotools – Innovation for Sign Making Technology and Car Wrapping!