Measuring / Aligning


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Measuring / Aligning

Measuring tools for Sign Making from Yellotools – For easy installation of your Signs
With our measuring tools for Sign Makers you are well prepared for any situation. From the simple roll measuring tape “FlatSignScale” to the electronic measuring tape “DigiSignScale”, we offer every imaginable possibility of measuring technology.

In order to measure window surfaces quickly and precisely, our YelloDistance Check is at your disposal. With the MagTape Ruler, we even offer a “magnetic” measuring tape for the Sign Making technology that works on glass panes. And with the MagicStick X-teme you can finally even cut on Frostvinyl without slipping off.

Awesome idea, right? 🙂

Sign Maker Tool for fast Sign Mounting and Aligning
You are missing more hands for the sign mounting or you are almost cramping while aligning your sign? Then the SignLevel DLS Flexi offers exactly the right solution. With the integrated bracket and the suction cups, this mounting aid is attached bomb-proof to your sign. Even a holder for your smartphone is integrated. So you can just use your spirit level App.

Thus aligning and mounting your signs works completely relaxed.

Assembling Aids for your Signs – Simple Advertising with Yellotools
And when we talk about modern tools for assembly, you will certainly like our software to calculate the material allowance.

When you have finished the measuring and aligning and you finally notice some small air bubbles after the sign mounting, you should take a look at our YelloPen.

But we have lots more of professional Sing Maker aids. For example the BlackMamba is a flexible cutting ruler with strong holding magnets. It is therefore not only suitable for Car Wrapping, but in conjunction with the GeckoPatch also perfect for aligning your graphics on glass surfaces.

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