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Extension coupling for your cutting ruler.

Many of you wanted a way to lengthen your cutting ruler or being able to cut directly at an angle. For both we have designed the perfect extension coupling. With the EasyCross you can put together your SafetyRuler Platin Edition within seconds to a 90° or 45° angle.

To extend your cutting ruler, we recommend our EasyLink. Its perfect fit ensures an extremely tight fit and allows you to connect as many rulers as you want.

Clean cuts, as long as you want 🙂

Practical holder for your Sign Maker Cutting Tool
A good craftsman pays attention to professional Cutting Tool Equipment.

For safe storage of your tools, our brackets are ideal. If you use one of our LongReach Knives, such as the LongReach Duo Pro Teflon, we have designed two variants for you.

With the Bracket Mag you get a magnetic holder, while the Bracket Wall is suitable for wall mounting. If you do not know where to store your cutting rulers, such as our SafetyRuler BigJob, you will find the solution here. You can mount the LeanRuler Bracket either on the wall or under your table.

So the ruler is not in the way and you have your cutting tool at hand when you need it.

The right cutting mouse for your cutting ruler
The CutCoaster is the ideal cutting mouse for the SafetyRuler Platin Edition. With this you perform in the blink of an eye clean and precise cuts. Those who prefer to work with a round blade will find exactly what they are looking for with our CutCoaster Wheel.

The solution to the annoying breaking of the cutter’s snap-off blades
If the blade of your cutter is dull again, you should break it off. Without the correct Cutting Tool Equipment, that can be pretty annoying sometimes. With the BladeBreaker HD you manage that easily. The broken blade is stored directly safely in the box. And when it’s full, you can just empty it.

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