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Detergents for professional Cleaning in Sign Making and Car Wrapping
When cleaning, you should always remember, before Car Wrapping is after the vehicle foiling. If you are not thoroughly, the result of the car foiling cannot be good. That’s why it is enormously important to have the right detergents for the sign making technology.

Car Wrapping Cleanser – Remove dirt and grease easily
For pre-cleaning in car wrapping, we offer the right cleanser for every situation. Our YelloFrog, YelloJack and YelloFluid detergents are available in three convenient sizes (250ml, 1 liter, and 5 liters). And if there is still tenacious glue left on the paint, no problem. With the YelloOrange Aerosol you have removed the glue in the blink of an eye without residues.

Incidentally, our YelloBlade Orange is an absolutely ingenious tool for the sign making industry when it comes to cleaning. Combined with the right detergents you remove vinyls easily, quickly and, above of all, gently. That’s why it’s included in our practical cleaning set.

Your customers will be pleased with the result! 🙂

Highest Cleanliness for Car Wrapping when Cleaning Cars with Yellotools Detergents
Even if the car just got a fresh nano sealing, we have the right cleanser for you. With the NanoEx cleansing milk, the nano sealing can be removed easily, so that nothing stands in the way of your car wrapping.

In order to use your magnets everywhere, we have the GeckoPatch in our sign making shop. But even that has to be cleaned from time to time. The GeckoClean detergent is best suited for this purpose. This cleanser can also be used for all X-treme Mat products.

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