Temper | Post-annealing


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Temper | Post-annealing

Vehicle Foiling Heat Gun for successful Post-heating
The heating of cast vinyl foils is always a complicated process in the case of Vehicle Wraps and the Post-heating of Vinyl Wraps. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Our hot air gun WrapGun II from Steinel has been specially developed for this work step. The post-heating process allows the adhesive to flow and form a secure bond with the substrate. It also stabilizes the face of the vinyl in the key areas where it has been manipulated so it will stay down tightly without lifting or popping.

What other Tools Do I need to Post-Heat Vinyl Wraps?
Of course you also have to keep an eye on the working temperature so that there are no complaints about the foiling. For this we offer you two options: The TemperScan is a very good LED thermometer for Car Wrapping, but we prefer our tailor-made IR (infrared) temperature scanner YelloShuttle that allows you to do this with just one hand and delivers even more accurate measurements.

Temperature control during Vehicle Wrapping has never been easier! You can also get both versions at a price advantage in the practical YelloShuttle Set or WrapGun II Set.

Then there is the permanent stoop down and searching for the hot air gun. This has come to an end with our tools. With the WrapGun Mag you get a hot air gun holder that you can attach to any magnetic surface. Our GladiBelt is becoming increasingly popular with Professional Carwrappers. In combination with the GladiBelt Strap, you’ll always have your Car Wrapping Tool safely in place on your hips.

Vehicle wrapping with your professional gas torch
Professional Vinyl Installers count on a propane fuel flame as a heat tool for perfect Car Wraps. That’s why we offer you our WrapJet Easy-Set or the ultimate WrapJet HeatGun Set, which also includes the WrapJet HeatGun Head for you. Hereby you have always a propane powered, portable heat gun at hand! No more hanging cables or search for the next power outlet.

If you ever run out of ammo, we have our replacement Cartridge WrapJet Easy Spare Tank ready for you!

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