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PPF Tools

PPF tools – the solution for sign makers and car wrappers
Nowadays, every car wrapper and sign maker should be equipped with the latest tools for stone chip protection films. Whether cleaning or gluing, with the new PPF tools from Yellotools you are perfectly equipped.

We offer you a wide range of aids for the paint protection film sector. With our cleaners, you already have the best prerequisite to easily apply your protective films. Just try the new ApeApplePotion, perfectly suited for the pre and final cleaning of any vehicle film.

Be well equipped with the tools of professionals 🙂

Special tools for paint protection films (PPF)
Our tools are perfectly matched to what every car wrapper needs for PPF bonding. Just choose what you need from our range of products, be it PPF squeegees like the Yellotools PPF Sandwich. To protect the film from scratches we recommend our GloveMaxx ProWrap, which are specially designed to glide perfectly over your film!

Just give it a try 🙂

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