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Car Furniture

Easy Vehicle Foiling – our solutions make CarWrapper dreams come true!
It starts with the alignment of the slides: Constantly measuring, marking and then wet glueing. This has an end now! For this we offer you our Platin Laser either individually or in the WrapLaser Set.

Aligning Car Foils and Vehicle Graphics is child’s play with this Laser Spirit Level.

Then there are the different heights on which you have to work on the Vehicle Foiling. That also is no problem with our CarWrap furniture. The WrapWalk is a pedestal that can be individually expanded.

How to reach the right height in no time!

Of course, Car Wrapping is always hard, when you work on the wheel arches, sillboards or bumpers. Here is our workshop stool LowRider your faithful companion. With the LowRider Extensions you can adjust the working height to three different heights.

The base always serves as a toolbox for your Car Wrapping Tools. So you have your Wrap Tools always at hand!

The quality of a professional Vehicle Wrapping stands and falls with the right tools!
In addition to our various WrapSticks we offer you all sorts of tools and accessories for Car Wrapping, so you can handle every job perfectly. But these helpers like to disappear and are regularly out of reach. That’s why we developed the WrapTower, an individually assembled tool trolley for professional Vehicle Foiling. For all undecided among you, we have put together the WrapTower PowerPack.

So you have everything right from one source to work fast, clean and accurate.

Yellotools – Innovation for Car Wrapping and Signmaking Technology!