Infrared Heaters


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Infrared Heaters

Speed. Adhesion. Control.

Accelerate production in the drying or curing of virtually any air-dry coating, adhesive or two component material
with Infratech heating fixtures. Our portable lamps, heat panels, oven components and UL Listed 508 controls
offer flexibility, value and rapid payback even when used in the most demanding production applications.


Our exceptionally fast finish dry times are often one-quarter or more faster than air-drying. Infrared energy also requires little to no air-flow, thereby minimizing deposits of contaminants in a finish.


Practical, precise electric infrared technology transfers heat directly to your product, without heating the surrounding air, for faster heat transfer and greater control for spot heating.


Infrared heat offers significant cost benefits over convection heat. It reduces cycle times, focuses energy on the areas to be cured, and does not require expensive, insulated enclosures to trap and re-circulate heat.


Unlike natural gas, diesel and propane-fueled equipment, our products are powered by renewable energy sources and generate zero emissions. As a result, you will enjoy faster heating times without NOX, dust, soot, ozone, carbon monoxide or other toxic emissions that are currently regulated, and require permits, reporting logs and specialized monitoring.

Choose Eurotech for a wide range of Automotive, Industrial and Vinyl Wrap applications:

  • Automotive refinishing including primers, base coats, top coats, fillers, fibreglass repair, two component materials with solvent or waterborne formulas. Infrared can be safely used on plastic, aluminium, steel and fibreglass components.
  • Powder coating, forming plastic components, drying decorative finishes on pottery, glass, composites, wood, metal and plastic.
  • Virtually any low-temperature heat application between 37.7º C – 260º C can be accelerated with Infratech electric infrared products.
  • Aid in the installation and removal of vinyl wrap. Infrared units assist
    during wrap removals, post heating, and while installing vinyl. IR heaters warm vinyl at a more uniform rate than the concentrated heat from a heat gun.
  • Eurotech heaters are also commonly used and very effective with water damage treatments and restoration.

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Medium Wave

Medium Wave Systems feature quartz elements, which offer uniform and forgiving heating capabilities. Infratech medium wave systems are available in a range of wattages and configurations, to provide heat distribution and faster cure speeds across coverage areas of varying sizes.

Short Wave

Short Wave Systems feature halogen elements, which offer hotter, faster, more efficient heating capabilities. Infratech short wave systems range from 1,000 to 6,000 watts, with quality design features that provide long term convenience and value.

Medium Wave vs Short Wave

Both our Medium Wave (SRU-1615, SRU-1615HT) and Short Wave (SR-Spot, SR-2) heaters are being used by vehicle and car wrappers.

Medium Wave heaters take a few minutes to warm up where Short Wave heaters are instant on.

Medium Wave elements are more durable. Short Wave elements are very fragile and can break easily if the heater or element is not handled with care.

The Short Wave heaters run a little hotter and cost more than Medium Wave.