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Signage Fabrication and Accessories

Signage Fabrication and Accessories

This range is the full package to create 3D signage – the economical way!

Introducing a complete solution for building super light 3D signage!

Dare your clients to compare!


As this method is rolled out across Australia, retail clients will realise the extreme cost effectiveness, whilst achieving the same visual impact as traditional signage methods.

What Do I Need?

The list below provides a good overview of the different materials you need access to, the make the Obelisk a success.

When you get to paint, there is of course many options, of which you can choose the best option for your project.

1. Of course, the Obelisk!

It can be found here: The Obelisk

Features of the Obelisk:

  • CNC polystyrene cutter
  • Cutting with hot wire
  • No smoke, smell or noise
  • User friendly software
  • Cuts in EPS and XPS polystyrene
  • Compact design for minimum footprint

2. The Raw Substrate

3. Paints

4. Printing

  • UV led printing
  • Direct UV printing
  • Solvent
  • Latex

5. Coating

  • Clear varnish (waterbased)
  • Doming resin
  • Flocking (synthetic velvet)
  • Sprayable polymer-cement
  • Hard coating

6. Adhesives

7. LED Light Components

8. Panels