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Eyelets and Machines


Eyelet Solutions By PLASTgrommet.

The Ultimate Guide To Your Next Eyelet Machine – With reducing production times and maximising profits for our clients as our mission, we have now compiled a guide for the print and signage industry.

Whether machine automation or manual operation, Eurotech Australia eyeleting solutions are proven worldwide. Each eyelet is set using a unique die system.

Eyelet Machines – Some quick wins to put into practise today :

  • Choose for sales and production – Both your sales people and your production team win from your implementation of your new machine. Do the eyelets that the machine will use give your sales team the ‘oneup’ on your competitor? Will your production team benefit from increased productivity?
  • Quality is vital – This is important when your eyelet machine will be an integral part of delivering efficiently to your client. What is the brand of manufacturer? What is the country of manufacture? There may be an offer of service technicians but you don’t want to have to call them every time you turn the machine on!
  • Versatility – Use a pncher which works with virtually all materials, like one from the Eurotech range. As well as saving time from swapping between machines you will become more efficient by being well versed in the one eyelet machine. There are machines available which will work with flute sheet, banner materials, fabrics and more.
  • Consider an automatic feed machine – As well as saving time and therefore costs, an automatic feed means the the need for manual processing time is reduced. Again it is an ROI excercise so you need to make sure that  your current or future quantity of eyelets being used justifies it.
  • How easy is it to service? – You need to have a suitable person versed in service machines or have access to one through your eyelet machine provider.

What eyelets will you use?

  • Use clear eyelets – Want a secret weapon when selling commodity print items? When your product is exactly the same as your competitors, more than likely, sell prices will follow a downward path making a negative effect on your profits.At Eurotech we like to give you ‘a nose in front’ and an opportunity to win your business on benefits rather than just price.We offer clear grommets and eyelets that are ideal for many applications. Using eyelet machine for clear eyelets means that there will be no rust when out in the field.The clear material makes them almost invisible, enabling them to blend well with the clients signage design.In addition, they can be recycled and can last for years being UV stable.Our clear solutions are the answer to your tarpaulin and banner display needs and are perfect for a variety of applications including:
    • Corrugated flute sheet
    • PVC banners
    • X-banners
    • Foam boards
    • Textiles

    The stock comes in different sizes, and are sold in sets of 1,000 pieces.