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Snap Frames

For quality snap frames and signage display systems, turn to Eurotech. The sign trade’s source!

With leading experience, Eurotech Australia is your trusted trade sign supplier for excellent snap frames and signage display systems in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia.

You can order snap frames, pavement signs, A-frames and Ecoflex, any signage accessory designed to make you and your client’s project the best ever. Our signage systems are sourced from around the globe to ensure the very best quality. For different ideas click on signage frames.

Snap frames by Eurotech – the largest range of poster and snap open frames in Australia.

Snap frames are used on many different situations worldwide. Our national distribution shows the same popularity in Australia.

The Artesian Snap Frames are one of the most popular poster display systems Australia wide.


Lay the snap frame face-up. Secondly open all 4 sides. This is best done by spacing hands equally along one side with thumbs on the outside edge. The fingers can now lift the frame until ‘pops’ open. Remove the cover sheet.

These snap frames are supplied predrilled for screw fixing. They can be fixed to any smooth surface.

Locate screw holes. These are located on the inside of the frame. These can be used for marking the fixing positions.

With slightly uneven surfaces such as brick, be careful not to overtighten the screws. Overtightening the screws can distort the frame.

The frame is now securely fixed in position. It is now ready to accept a poster. 1st step is to open all four sides of the frame. Next slide the poster into position. Fit the cover sheet. Snap the frame shut on all sides to hold the poster!