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Sign Lighting

Sign Lighting

Lighting on signage is extremely important and beneficial. Instead of your sign only bringing 12 hours of return you can make it bring 24 hour returns. Our range of sign lighting vary from real estate sign lights, solar powered sign lights, LED sign lights and also halogen sign lights.

We have a light for your signage need. If your sign is very large then we can provide extremely powerful lights otherwise we can provide multiply lights for your signs.
Sign lighting can be very cost effective compared to the returns it brings you.

Real estate sign lights are one of the most popular type of sign light with solar powered being the most effective.

Sign lighting quality is dependant on the components of the lights, at Eurotech we only provide the best lighting with many of our solutions providing long warranties.

If you don’t want to hard wire your sign lights then that’s fine we have Solar powered lights for the signs.

If you want a long term sign lighting solution then you also need to look at the quality of the brackets, are they aluminium over against steel?
Comparing lights can often be difficult but if you ask for the life guarantee and the lumens of the light it will give you a good idea of the quality.