Visirite Ezy Banner System


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Visirite Ezy Banner System

Watch how the Ezy Banner System works

The Visirite Ezy Banner System is an easy to install framing system for banners, the first of its kind on the market!

Where traditionally creating a frame on a banner is very difficult due to the stretch in the banner material, the Visirite Ezy Banner system makes this easy. The Unique bracket allows you to tension the banner and make it perfectly taut, then apply the ends and pull them taut as well.

Traditionally the only way to do this is with the Sailtrack which doesn’t look very neat at all. Also, the Visirite Ezy Banner System sits away from your wall so even when there are irregularities on the wall the Visirite will work for you!

Another feature is that you can very easily change banners, literally a minute or 2 and the whole banner can be easily changed.

There are 3 key parts to the Visirite Ezi Banner system:

  1. The Visirite Mini extrusion
  2. The Ezy Wall bracket
  3. The Ezy Corner bracket

Improve your customers banner solution with Eurotech’s Visirite Ezy Banner System!