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The Shield – Midi

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Precise Signs and Graphics
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Ahmed Asfandyar
26. June, 2020.
RITETACK – INSTANT GRAB ADHESIVE is an amazing product for people in the shelving business. Our company, Imperium Home Solutions installs melamine shelving to approx 70 houses/month and this product works like magic for us ( zero complains by our customers/builders) . Highly recommended product offered by Eurotec. Michael and Erin will provide outstanding customer service 10/10. Competitive trade prices!!
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Samuel Pugsley
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Item No.Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
ET6-SHIELD-MIDIShield Laminator - Including Midi Pack

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The Shield Laminator is fantastic for anyone in the car wrapping industry. This machine comes with a built-in compressor allowing users to achieve the exact required pressure for the car wrapping warranties. Don’t Guess. Make sure you know exactly the amount of pressure you’re applying with a pneumatic laminator.

• Plug & Play The Shield laminators are equipped with an internal compressor. It’s enough to plug it, let the machine reach its temperature and start working.
• Eco-friendly The air pressure system implies lower power consumption than the electric motors.
• Self-adaptive the air pressure system with independent pistons adapts automatically to different thicknesses and to different materials often not completely flat. The rollers simply adapt to the media surface in real time.
• Flexible it is possible to pre-define the pressure to be applied to each media. Once you have placed the material it is always possible to adjust the pressure.

Midi Pack Includes:

  • SHIELD – Heat Assist Laminator
  • NL165CW/1650A Incremental Nip Opening
  • NL165CW/1650B Feet Kit Access
  • NL165CW/1650C Re-Winder Take Up Kit Access
  • NL165CW/1650D Front Feedtray Roll Kit Access
  • NL165CW/1650E Back Exit Roll Kit Access
  • NL165CW/1650F Film Stretcher Idler Bar Roll Kit Access
  • 2 X NL165CW/1650I Roll Holder Mandrel with Clutch Access
  • NL165CW/1650R Kit Resistor / Heat Assist

Technical Specifications:

Product Code & Model Name:                 SHIELD – Heat Assist Laminator
Top Roll Heat Assist:                                  Up to 50°C
Laminating Speed:                                     Variable Speed up to (4m per min)
Maximum Laminating Width:                   1650mm
Maximum Mounting Thickness:               Opens up to 30mm
Power Supply:                                             AC 230v – 50Hz / 110v – 60Hz
Assembled Machine Dimensions (mm):  2200(L) x 780(D) x 1500(H)*
Assembled Machine Weight:                    183kg*

Shipping Dimensions*

Machine Shipping Weight (kg)                Machine Shipping Dimensions (mm)

305                                                 2320 (L) x 800 (W) x 1580 (H)

Warranty Parts Only

12 Months


What Are Shield Laminators?

Shield is a laminating unit that combines innovation, performance, low investment level, full upgradability and protection of the investiment in the medium/long term. The Shield series is in fact designed and built to fit the widest range of applications, from car wrapping to interior decoration and corrugated packaging, up to a wide range of display graphics and sign-making applications.

Thanks to its pneumatic technology, the Shield series reduces the setup time of the machine and the need to employ specialized personnel. Contrary to laminators with electric pressure technology, the possibility of error in the thickness calculation is in fact reduced to zero. The availability of a version with heated rollers further increases the fields of use.

Options and Accessories

Among the options available are the main rollers heated up to 50 °C, the manual horizontal cutting unit and a variable number of vertical cutting units in output, positionable at the user’s will.

Shield laminator table

Wrapping Edition

Is equipped with backlighting working tables, double motorized roller, automated rotary cutting system and can be completed with scratch resistant backlighting tables, drawers for tools and container to collect the waste. The input and output tables are standard size, but you can always order additional foldable tables to increase the workspace dynamically. The laminating rollers are also coated with a special type of silicone, which facilitates the adhesion of the laminating film to the material.

Flatbed Edition

Is equipped with loading/unloading roller tables and pressure system optimized to self-regulate the thickness of the boards. This allows you to position the Shield laminator halfway between a digital flatbed printer (UV or waterbased) and a digital cutting system.


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