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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
2007 SUCTION CUP – 20MM WITH HOOK > Login or Register to view prices.

Available in 20mm and 40mm

Our suction cups with hooks are a very popular accessory. Widely used by our clients to hang signage in retail environments, they are an item you can’t go without.

The transparent type plastic circular base is combined with a metal hook to produce the end result.

The plastic circular base is made out of a highly flexible material which means it has a good hold on smooth surfaces such as glass.

The metal hook is formed and then chrome finished to provide a neutral appearance.

If there are any issues with them sticking during colder temperatures, dipping them in warm water can return their flexibility. In cold temperatures, they can become more rigid and less effective.

Largely used for signage in retail applications, they can also be used in household and other commercial applications. Anywhere you need to hang light items from smooth surfaces.

They are mostly used in multiples on your signage boards. When you are producing the signs, it pays to make the holes in the sign during the print production process rather than when you come to install the signs.

How do suction cups with hooks work?

When the suction cups are pressed down the air inside them (between the cup and the application surface) is forced out creating larger pressure on the outside meaning the suctions stayed pressed down. There is now lower air pressure inside the cup area.

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