Rite Jewel Pull Up Banners

Rite Jewel Pull Up Banners

Item No: ET1-160, ET1-161, ET1-162, ET1-163, ET1-164, ET1-165, ET1-166
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Rite Jewel Pull Up Banners

Item No. Description Quantity ADD TO CART
ET1-160 Rite Jewel Rollup, 600mmW x 1800mmH 1+ Unit ($62.83 each)
ET1-161 Rite Jewel Rollup, 850mmW x 2100mmH 1+ Unit ($66.95 each)
ET1-162 Rite Jewel Rollup, 1000mmW x 2100mmH 1+ Unit ($81.37 each)
ET1-163 Rite Jewel Rollup, 1200mmW x 2100mmH 1+ Unit ($101.97 each)
ET1-164 Rite Jewel Rollup, 1500mmW x 2100mmH 1+ Unit ($138.02 each)
ET1-165 Rite Jewel Rollup, 2000mmW x 2100mmH 1+ Unit ($190.55 each)
ET1-166 Rite Jewel Rollup, 3000mmW x 2100mmH 1+ Unit ($281.19 each)

Pull Up Banners With The Best Value

This brilliant looking Jewel Rollup system is the best value in pull up banners:

  • Sleek chrome endcap & front trim
  • Anodised aluminium finish
  • Quality padded carry bag
  • Heavy duty clip toprail
  • 3 year warranty

The Rite Jewel Pull Up Banners are available in 7 different sizes. Sizes range from 600mm to 3 metres wide.

Print media to use is ideally a flat surface banner material or fabric. Specify this to your printer to achieve the best result.

Eurotech backs up its Jewel Rollup with a 3 Year Mechanism Guarantee.

They can be used in an expo space of 3m x 3m to create a common set up . 1 banner on the left, 1 on the right with a desk in between.

The grab top rail means that the banner print is gripped. Others are stuck using double sided tape. The tape method is quite often less secure.

Pull Up Banners and More

Pull up banners is another term used to refer to rollups. All have a mechanism which retract the printed panel. Pull the print out from the base to set up your presentation.

These solutions also protect your print during transport. Once delivered they take less than 2 minutes to set up. The Rite Jewel Rollup is a wider based system. Other alternatives include flip out feet. Having no flip out feet removes a common safety concern.

The Jewel Pull Up Banner features a first class appearance. The main base has a clear anodised aluminium finish. The ends are finished with chrome cover caps. A good combination to support your message.

Retractable banners are not ideal for outdoor use. Due to their large size and low weight they easily blow over. Then again it really depends on the weather at the time.

Industries which use pull-up banners for marketing. * National corporate clients. * Retail chains. * Government departments. * Small and medium enterprises.

It would be hard to come by a more common display worldwide than pull up banners. Pull-up banners offer exceptional area to price value. Get on board and benefit now!

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