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Speed Wing – Lime

Speed Wing – Lime

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Speed Wing – Lime

Item No.Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
ET6-30928Lime Speed Wing, Firm, 100mm Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-30929Lime Speed Wing, Firm, 150mm Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-30930Lime Speed Wing, Firm, 200mm Login or Register to view prices.

The Speed Wing installation tool is designed with “wings” to enable the installer to reach tight areas typically out of the reach of most bump, bondo, teflon and hard cards. The Speed Wings also come with a unique feature of having one flat edge and one curved edge. The curved edge is designed with proprietary Control Contour Technology (CCT). This feature enables the tool to encourage a finger or bubble to disperse outward which reduces the chances of a crease.

Finally, the materials these tools are made from are a unique blend of components that enable the tool to slide across most film surfaces easily while still maintaining the rigidity to lay the material flat and remove any moisture or air trapped underneath.

Lime colour has firm density.


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